Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Thing 21 - Promotion!

From looking at the last post I did I have to say one of the biggest tips I have learnt is to put yourself foward and believe in yourself. If you don't think you can do something you aren't going to persuade a panel that you can at an interview. I applied for a post in a Library without any library experience whatsovere. What I did have was enthusiasm and commitment. I looked at my previous job roles and what skills were transferrable to a Library. I'm glad I tried as I love working in Libraries.

Strengths and Interests

I love books. I probably read on average of one book a week, some are fiction and some aren't. I know I can't just sit in a Library reading books all day as part of my job but I think it is strength to know your stock. I read a wide range of genres and I like to keep up to date with what is top of the charts and what other people are reading. It also gives me scope to write reviews and promote books that we have in.

Another interest I have is that I seem to be an eternal student. Since leaving university I have constantly undertaken courses, training and research. Whether inhouse training and accreditations to qualifications on topics I enjoy. I love running so as part of the Great2run scheme I studied for a BTEC First in Sport! The only time I haven't taken part in a course was when I was on maternity leave but even then I was studying parenting and reading all the books on the subject I could find. I think this helps as I am up used to finding resources and this helps with enquiry work.

I love making handmade cards and scrapbook pages and this I find useful when creating displays. I must have a bit of a flair for creativity and love bright colourful displays.

Things I dislike are talking on the phone, especially to people I've never met. I prefer to communicate with people either in person or via email.

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